Horsham Keen-Agers promotes an active and healthy life style for older members of the community.  It is social table tennis with an emphasis on being non-competitive.  Keen-Agers in Horsham is run as a partnership between University of the Third Age (U3A) and our club.

Doubles table tennis is mainly played because it is less competitive and more fun.

Keen-Agers play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Come for a game or two and for a coffee or tea and a chat.  Because there are no teams there is no obligation to play every week.  Keen-Agers can fit in with your lifestyle.

There is an annual registration fee, payable to U3A, that gives sporting injury cover.  There is also a $3:00 fee each time you play to help meet the cost of rental and electricity.

People who have never played table tennis before are most welcome.  Our regular players are happy to give a few tips on playing and then you progress at your own pace.  

By regularly participating in a stimulating enjoyable exercise such as table tennis mental alertness and resilience against the stresses of modern living are enhanced.

Whether you're an accomplished player or a hit and giggle player; whether you want plenty of exercise or just the company, this is a fun way to keep active and meet friends.

Table Tennis a sport to be enjoyed by all.  For more details contact the secretary of Horsham Table Tennis (found on the Committee page), or contact U3A, Horsham.